Specialty Classes at Jab Fitness

Train Differently

Discover your new favorite way to get and stay in shape by trying one of our specialty classes at JAB Fitness! From MMA, Muay Thai, to Suspension training there is a class to fit every mood, style, and preference. Your fitness goals have never been so easy to reach and you will no longer be bored with your everyday routine!

Our specialty classes at JAB Fitness include:​

  • Suspension Training: One of the newest group class trends, suspension training focuses on strengthening your body through calculated and slow balancing movements that will have your muscles burning! Join a suspension training class to learn more and find inspiration and motivation from classmates around you.
  • MMA: Train like an MMA champion and condition your body with rapid sequences that will help you gain endurance and strength. MMA takes discipline and focuses that we are confident every person has inside of them.
  • Muay Thai (kids and adults): Our Muay Thai classes teach all of the basics of the sport from stance and footwork to punches, kicks, and other defensive techniques. Join this high-energy and fun class that will have you sweating in no time.

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Interested in trying a specialty class at JAB Fitness? When you get a membership from our facility, you can experience one or more of our specialty classes for yourself! Meet new friends, work hard, and challenge yourself! Visit us in Tempe today!

Our specialty classes will rock your fitness routine! Call Jab Fitness at (480) 775-7522 to learn more about our specialty classes.

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